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October 7, 2007
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       NaruHina Love Story

One day a blond haired boy met a sweet, but shy navy blue haired girl. His name Naruto and her's  Hinata. He though she had the most beautiful lavender eyes and she though he was just the cutest boy she ever met in her life. She did not think he liked her, but he did. He wondered the same thing. Then when they got assined a mission together they did not know what to say and .......

That night she snuck off to the waterfall and was practising her moves. He went to go get a drink, but saw her and wondred who it was. " Hay is eneyone out there ?" he slipped and *splash* he looked up no one was there, " That must of been a dream, but how did i wined up here " he thought he went back to his over night camp they had set up.

The next day after breakfast went to finish their mission. They ran into trouble, the akatsuki had captured Hinata. He went after her. His love would not get away this time. After the battle, Hinata was knocked out. He slipped her on his bed went over to the couch and fell a sleep while waiting for Hinata to awaken.

He was awaken by the aroma of raman. " Good morning naruto-kun, thanks for the rescue yesterday" she told him " Oh and this is for you"
"Thanks Hinata-sun" he awnsered. Then suddenly Hinata just fell over. Naruto saw the tamato red mark on her ankle. "Hinata- Hinata, I must get her to a hospital!". That is what he did rushed her to the hospital and then could not leave her side.

"Good morning miss Huggya." said a black haired nures " You have a visitor that never left your side for a moment, would you like me to send him in?"
"Yes, please." Hinata awnsered. Then the blond haired boy, Naruto rushed in," Hinata you're ok, i was so worried!" < He was worried for me and never left my side> She tried to run over to him and fell, but he cought her and said," Hinata take it easy, you don't want to get hurt again."

"Naruto you never left my, why" she asked. He awnsered," I did it because I-I l-l-love you." She told him."Really I do to." They  are now going out and they are a happy couple.

The moral of this story is to tell people to belive in yourself and tell the one you love before it is to late.

Thanks for reading i will write more <3 !!
i loved making this. Hope you enjoyed it
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darkangel0921 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008  Student Writer
aww i loved it oh and here's mine hope you like it [link]
hinata123123 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008   Digital Artist
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np ^^
bunnyhopperfan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008

it me again now i start reading all the naruhina love stories i just like in love with them and you better write more becasue i will tract you down and ask you to write more. i said that because i am a GIRL and i am like totally blushing when i am finish reading the naruhina love stories.I AM KIND OF WORRY PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hinata123123 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2008   Digital Artist
thanks 4 reading
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